Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Holidays and the Year Ahead

Every year I say to myself "you should be a better blogger. Make it a priority and find something interesting to write about." Each year this last for a few posts and then fizzles . This year I am making no such grand statements of making blogging a priority. Honestly, I never know what to write about and I'd hate to make this nothing but one long stream of spam. So here we are though a few days shy of Christmas and I am looking forward to 2014.
I've got fancy plans and pants to match! Umm...well I have some good plans for my business. The first one is kind of big news. I will no longer have any made to order listings in my shop. These were a good seller for me in 2012 but not so much in 2013. I really don't like having to look at the same fabric for yard after yard and because of that I have been at a disadvantage from those sellers on etsy that have several times the made to order listings. So as of Dec. 16th or so all items in my etsy shop and website will be ready to ship. I will still take custom requests but I really would rather focus on ready to ship items.
The next big change is many new items will be listed on my website first and then they will be listed on etsy a few weeks later. I really want to spend more time building up my own website presence.
Then finally I am working on some completely new items that I will be introducing in 2014. I am really super excited for them.
So there it is. I hope every has a safe and warm Christmas. I shall see you all next year.

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