Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's the start of new fabric season

Yep, that's right I have started my annual late winter fabric buying spree. It all started today at the fabric and sewing expo. This is an event where you really should have some sort of a game plan as far as budget and also which vendors you wish to see. Not having a plan means hours of walking and standing in the crowds of people. The best part is fabric.

Cotton prints

Mustache: black, brown and blue

chevrons in coral, beige, and blue

Lime green and white chevron
 Japanese Import fabrics
patchwork design, birds and flowers, alarm clocks

penguins and rotary dial phones
 Hand dyed Yukata fabric
mixed assortment
 Decorator weight fabrics: great for messenger bags

geometric designs
 Wool Fabrics
Spring Plaid: this is going to become a handbag for sure

Jacquard weave in red and black
No of course starts the even more exciting and fun process of using it all. There is more to come in March when I do my big wholesale shopping trip. That's just a snippet of what's to come.

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