Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day at the fair

Well actually I only spent part of the morning there. Too much fair is a bad thing. The crowds and the commercial selling of pots, pans and magical sweeping devices kind of wear on me. Plus when you aren't much into rides there isn't much to do.
I did see some good exhibits. I went to the Our Body: The Universe Within exhibit. It was fascinating. It was weird though to realize that they are real human bodies though. They don't allow photos in the exhibit.
Of course I saw the usual amount of fair things. Bright toys, farm animals, and rides. I didn't take very many animal pictures because they usually place them head first into the stalls and once you have seen one cow's back end you've seen enough.  

One of the coolest things were these stilt walkers dressed as flowers. I don't know why but I was really captivated by them.

There was also a wonderful display of Kimonos. I'll edit those pics and post them later this week.

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dogdazzle said...

Love the stilt walkers!