Saturday, August 25, 2012

Organized and a Nice Surprise

A couple weeks ago I decided to take on the monumental challenge of organizing my fabrics. For the most part I had them somewhat organized at least by type of material. I decided that I really needed to step up my game and get better control of it. I have an old dresser and an old dresser/armoire that I use for fabric storage. They are actually plenty big without having a great deal of space in them. I decided if I folded my fabric and placed it so it was standing on it's side in the drawers I would be able to see it better. I started by first setting aside fabrics that had coordinated prints for lining. These were all placed in one drawer. I, then, separated the remaining fabrics into what type of lining they'd most likely get such was white, brown, grey, black and then misc. I got my cottons, denims, corduroy and home dec weight fabrics neatly put away. I still have to deal with my wools, hand dyed kimono fabrics and more formal fabrics. After that I really want to figure out the best way to store the small stuff like the tools and what not. Just dealing with the cottons is a start.

Then today as I was sitting down to work on this blog post I decided to check out my etsy shop stats. I had a large number hits being attributed to this one website. I looked it up on google and then translated it. Turns out it is some sort of Hungarian website and they featured my laptop bag in their 2012 Fall Trends write up on Girly Laptop Bags.
Paris Scenes Laptop Bag fits 13" Macbook Pro

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