Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 - The New Year

What a busy holiday season I had. A busy holiday season means brand new fabrics. I thought I'd show off some of what I have purchased recently. I have much more available than this. We'd be here all day if I showed everything I have right now.
Zig-Zag prints in yellow/white, green/white, teal/white, grey/white
Grand Bazaar in two colors ways with matching coordinating prints for linings
Riley Blake - Lost and Found. I wanted to try these but wasn't sure if anyone else would like them so I only got a small amount to try.
Little green birds with matching tree print.

I have so many more from more seasonal holiday types to some unusual florals. Slowly, I will get things made and into my shops.

This year I decided to give a go at starting a newsletter. Not that I am much of a writer. I was planning to use it as a chance to show off new designs or fabrics, or even share special coupon codes. If you are interested in my newsletter sign up here. I don't plan on sending them out very often. Probably more like a quarterly type thing.

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