Monday, October 10, 2011

How to put your ereader or iPad in a book style cover

This how to article is for my buyers who have purchased a book style cover from me. Remember these covers are snug as we don't want the device to fall out so it is important that you ordered the correct cover for your device. The other thing is is that my covers are made to be used on their own. The fit may not work if you have any other hard case or skin on the device already.
Step one: I find that is is easiest to place the device into the two interior corners first. As you can see the next two corners are under the device and look difficult to impossible to put into place. Trust me they are not but at first it may seem awkward.

Step two: Take one of the unused corners and with your fingers tug the top triangle shape piece of fabric back. This might cause the corner of the cover to bend back; this is alright as I use a flexible interlining materials. You may have to use some force on it. Do not worry these corners have reinforced stitching.

Step three: you are going to repeat step two on the last corner. Sometimes this final corner can be a bit awkward because it will be the tightest. Think brand new fitted sheets on a bed. Just stay calm. Sometimes, I find it helpful to place the device and cover on a table and then while pulling the fabric back, using the body of the device and my fingers or fingernail to kind of push the fabric along and over that last device corner. The image below shows me doing that.

Step four: you should now have the device in the cover. yay! Practice this a few times and you will be able to take your iPad or ereader in and out of the cover with ease. If there is puckering of the fabric at the corners don't worry. It should eventually relax and smooth out. Sometimes, this occurs when the fabric was cut on the bias which has a bit more stretch than the straight of grain.

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