Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tarotscopes Feb 20 - 27th

This weeks picture isn't mysterious or tarot related. My favorite flowers are the cheery gerbera daisies. Some people like roses and roses are beautiful but there is something sweet about the daisy. I thought it seemed like spring and in theory it's just around the corner; If the local news would quit talking about possible snow.

Aries - 9 of wands (reversed)
You have been fighting an up hill battle for some time and now you are not only tired but just about ready to say no more. Take a break first before giving up completely. You can always come back to your battle another day.

Taurus - Ace of Pentacles (reversed)
try to stay within your budget this week. remember if you don't need it to get by and survive than chance are it will still be in the store next week. Don't needlessly put a strain on your finances in the week ahead.

Gemini - Ace of Cups
New love may be coming into your life in the form of a new person, new pet or even a new art project that is going to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Cancer - Knight of Wands (reversed)
Burning the candle at both ends these days? all the running around isn't getting you any place in the long run. Take some personal time this week to get your energy and fire back.

Leo - The Tower (reversed)
Looks like some surprise this week wont be such a surprise when it happens. Seems like someone may actually let the cat out of the bag a day or two before the big news. Try to look surprised.

Virgo - Ace of Swords
Talk, talk, talk, talk.....yep, that is what you are going to be doing this week; talking, emailing and so on.

Libra - Queen of Swords
You are going to be using your keen logic and the natural Libra desire for balance to help keep the peace this week at work, at home or at school.

Scorpio - 5 of Pentacles (reversed)
You are going to feel more optimistic this week in areas concerning money and your health. Things may not be perfect but they will feel better. Just know that you don't have to go through anything alone.

Sagittarius - 3 of Pentacles (reversed)
You are letting to many people stir the pot these days. Stand up and do some of that work yourself. You really don't need outside approval to feel proud.

Capricorn - 8 of wands
You will finally see some major progress in an aspect you have been waiting on for some time. Some form of news is really going to push this forward from now on.

Aquarius - King of Pentacles
You may be dealing a great deal this week with a person who is very business minded right now. If not someone else then you will be spending more time thinking of your own business or your job.

Pisces - 7 of wands
Know when to hold em and know when to fold em this week. Stand your ground on the battles you feel are worth fighting for and be willing to let other battles drop. So pick your battles this week or else you may make a mess of things.

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