Saturday, January 15, 2011

My dog is needs therapy

Patient name: Spanky
Breed: greyhound
age: 7 almost 8
issue: obsessive need to keep toys "safe"

I have come to the conclusion that my dog is probably insane or suffers from some form of canine OCD. He loves his toys and like a child loves to be surrounded by them. Although he doesn't play with them all that much unless you count trying to chew eyeballs of them as playing. What he does do is spend his time insuring their safety.
The first rule seems to be that toys do not belong outside....ever. Whenever I have had a visiting greyhound or other dog in my home that has packed a toy outside; Spanky has gotten visibly upset. He will follow the other dog and wait for them to drop the toy so he may of course bring it back inside.
Rule two is a little odd. If the home has two stories; all toys belong on the second floor no exceptions. He will spend countless hours collecting the toys and taking them upstairs where they belong. This happens in his home as well as the homes of other dogs.
I have managed to keep the toy allotment to a minimum in my office by keeping them in a basket next to the sofa. for whatever reason he will not take them from the basket. If I put one on the floor. There he is moments later, rescuing it and taking it to a safe zone. I guess it could be worse he could be bugging me to play fetch all day. Good thing he doesn't know how that game is played.


SOiNTOiT said...

all the quirks and oddities of having a pet....endearing

Joanna said...

I know they are endearing. He's pretty darn cute. It's just rather funny though.