Monday, January 3, 2011

The future is now!

Here it is 2011 already. I sit back and ask how did we fly through 2010 so fast. This is also a time in which I make new plans and goals for the new year.
One of my goals is to spend time on my business getting it more focused and directed. I've kind of been letting my focus and artistic choices wander all over the place and I really need to bring it back in. A few months ago I had thought of and even announced giving up jewelry making. Now, I want to come back to it with trying steampunk jewelry. What funny is years ago I started collecting watches and gears before it was even a trend. The whole idea of working on steampunk jewelry as given me the idea of incorporating more of those style choices into my bags.
There will be lots of changes and then again some things will stay the same. My quality of workmanship and great customer service will still be here. The worst part about this is having my shop go through what I consider an awkward phase. I wish it was more instant instead of a growing process.
To the new year and to the reinventing of Gothicreations.

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