Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How To Tuesday - Simple Tied Headband

I am hoping to write a how to articles on Tuesdays. It probably wont be every week but I am setting the goal of at least once or twice a month to present to you a how to project.

This week is a simple tied headband.
You will need a few supplies and some basic sewing skills. I'd say that this entire project took me less than 15 minutes total.

**Fabric strips you will need two pieces at least 45" long but the width is your choice. you can either have a print and a solid like I have used or you can use two different coordinating prints. You can choose cottons, which are easier to work with, or you can use a fashion type of fabric. I'd probably make sure that one of the fabrics was a 100% cotton though.
**Thread to match
**scissors or olfa cutter and mat
**sewing machine or you could hand sew this if you are so inclined and skilled
optional a pencil or chalk for marking

step 1: you will need to figure out how wide you want your band to be. I wanted a fairly wide band that finished at around 3". Mine has finished at 3 1/4". I cut my fabric at 4". a good rule of thumb is to consider your seams will be about 1/4" and that is for each seam so with two side seams you will need to add 1/2" to what you want your finished width to be.
Now this is a longer simple tying headband so I wanted plenty in the length. I left it at the width the fabric is on the bolt, which is for most bolts of cotton quilting fabric 45".

step 2: you will now cut your pieces to the width you need them to be. Use sharp scissors or a clear ruler like Omnigrid and an olfa cutter and mat. If using scissors you may want to mark your fabric with pencil or fabric chalk so you can cut on a straight line.

Step 3: place the right sides of the fabric facing each other. You may want to pin your pieces together. Make sure you leave a several inch gap on one of the long sides because you will need this opening for turning out your headband. a gap or 3" or 4" is sufficient. Don't worry we will close this gap later.

Step 4: Sew all the way around your pieces except for the few inch gap that I talked about in step 3. You will want at least a 1/4" seam along all sides. I made mine a bit bigger as my main fabric was a slightly stretchy fashion type fabric.

step 5: This is an optional step but I wanted to add a bit of something to the ends of mine so I decided to give an angle to those edges. I used my ruler to make sure I started at the same measurement up and then I used chalk to mark a sewing line that ran from that measurement up down to the corner. Just sew along this line and trim away the excess fabric leaving 1/4" allowance

step 6: to make crisp corners you will want to clip the corners of you pieces. Make sure you don't nick the seams but you can cut close to where they meet in the corners

step 7: turn your piece right side out through the gap left in your sewing. Pay careful attention to your corners; if they seem too rounded you can use a point turner or even a sharpened pencil to help your corners seem more clearly defined.

step 8: use a steam iron to press your headband and make those edges look neat. Make sure to tuck in the fabric at the open gap inside the same amount as your seams because next we will add a bit of accent top stitching and will close that opening.

step 9: you can use a straight stitch as I have done or if your machine has some fancy stitches you can use one of those. We are just going to top stitch around all 4 sides This will help your headband look neat and crisp but will close that opening we left because you want this set of stitches to be close to the edge.

Now you should be done with your simple headband.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tarotscopes Jan 24 - 30

I'm in the mood to try these again. They're kind of fun in a relaxed sort of way. I have been feeling a bit retro this week so I used the Housewives Tarot for this week's draw. It's quite the fun deck and they even did the packaging to match. The theme is 1950's retro kitsch. The cards come in a recipe box complete with recipes and the little book with it is actually very funny and not bland like LWBs (little white books) usually are.Learn more about it here.

Aries - 3 of wands (reversed)
You may find yourself slacking this week on you chores. Quit putting stuff off and just get it done already the sense of accomplishment will be worth it.

Taurus - Queen of Swords
You really do rule the roost but try to relax a little bit things don't need to be Martha Stewart perfect. Most of all this week watch your choice of words because a harsh word can cut deeply.

Gemini - 4 of cups
Even good things can be bad for you when you accept everyone's inquiries and requests. It's okay to say no. Try it this week when the PTA or the office calls again for help with just a small little project.

Cancer - 6 of wands
You are going to be on the top of your game this week and not only that but people will actually be taking some notice. Perhaps even singing your praises.

Leo - Knight of cups (reversed)
Someone is going to try to impress you and just fail miserably. A case of trying a bit too hard and not even acting natural. if you can get them to relax and have a laugh I bet things will work out better.

Virgo - 9 of swords
Be careful this week of sharp implements and of letting your imagination get the best of you. Don't let those pesky troubles work you all up into tizzy.

Libra - 4 of pentacles (reversed)
You are going to start branching out and doing things you probably would have thought unwise to do last week. Just keep in mind that is it a fine balance between being adventurous and being foolish.

Scorpio - 10 of wands
You are going to be taking on ALL the tasks. You may be thinking I can do it all at work and have that spotless home. It's okay to let a thing or two slip by so you don't go shall we say crazy.

Sagittarius - 3 of pentacles (reversed)
I have a feeling you will end up putting your hard work and energy into nothing this week. No recognition and not only that but there may be a few screw ups along the way.

Capricorn - Queen of Pentacles
You are thinking pretty highly this week of everything you do and achieve. Just be careful not to be condescending to those you think are below you.

Aquarius - 8 of swords (reversed)
You will no longer be held back by fear and your own worst thoughts about outcomes this week. In other words the time has come to make those decision and get out there and get those desires fulfilled.

Pisces - 2 of pentacles (reversed)
That juggling you've been doing lately will be over. Unfortunately I don't think it will get better just more like it will come crashing down. Try to stay focused and things might improve a bit.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My dog is needs therapy

Patient name: Spanky
Breed: greyhound
age: 7 almost 8
issue: obsessive need to keep toys "safe"

I have come to the conclusion that my dog is probably insane or suffers from some form of canine OCD. He loves his toys and like a child loves to be surrounded by them. Although he doesn't play with them all that much unless you count trying to chew eyeballs of them as playing. What he does do is spend his time insuring their safety.
The first rule seems to be that toys do not belong outside....ever. Whenever I have had a visiting greyhound or other dog in my home that has packed a toy outside; Spanky has gotten visibly upset. He will follow the other dog and wait for them to drop the toy so he may of course bring it back inside.
Rule two is a little odd. If the home has two stories; all toys belong on the second floor no exceptions. He will spend countless hours collecting the toys and taking them upstairs where they belong. This happens in his home as well as the homes of other dogs.
I have managed to keep the toy allotment to a minimum in my office by keeping them in a basket next to the sofa. for whatever reason he will not take them from the basket. If I put one on the floor. There he is moments later, rescuing it and taking it to a safe zone. I guess it could be worse he could be bugging me to play fetch all day. Good thing he doesn't know how that game is played.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Feeling Girly

I am 30 years old...almost 31 and for the first time in my life since as long as I can remember I have long hair. As a kid my hair was always in a bob style hair cut about chin length. A few times it was even shorter. As I got older and through my teen years it was rarely past my shoulders. It's been every color of the rainbow but just not long until now. I love the red color it is now. I know this will sound strange coming from someone who had magenta hair but I was nervous to go red.
Okay, so back to the topic; my hair is currently past my shoulders now. I have been growing it out since 2008 when I had a short spiked pixie like haircut. I don't know what to do with it though at this length. I don't care for braids or for ponytails. I was thinking I should make myself some headbands and other small hair accessories. Perhaps, it can be a bit of a blog challenge for me.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

where do we go from here?

choice can be a great motivator and probably my worst enemy. I have all these new plans and ideas swirling around in my brain on what it is I want to do. Now that I am faced with actually setting them in motion it's almost too overwhelming to get started.
I know that the most logical thing is to figure out what I can do first and what needs to be done first. Then go from there. Logical isn't always what I want to do. Thus I torture myself with possibilities. Maybe this is all my Tuesday night angst filled rambling going on. The tortured soul of the creative. oh woe is me....

Monday, January 3, 2011

The future is now!

Here it is 2011 already. I sit back and ask how did we fly through 2010 so fast. This is also a time in which I make new plans and goals for the new year.
One of my goals is to spend time on my business getting it more focused and directed. I've kind of been letting my focus and artistic choices wander all over the place and I really need to bring it back in. A few months ago I had thought of and even announced giving up jewelry making. Now, I want to come back to it with trying steampunk jewelry. What funny is years ago I started collecting watches and gears before it was even a trend. The whole idea of working on steampunk jewelry as given me the idea of incorporating more of those style choices into my bags.
There will be lots of changes and then again some things will stay the same. My quality of workmanship and great customer service will still be here. The worst part about this is having my shop go through what I consider an awkward phase. I wish it was more instant instead of a growing process.
To the new year and to the reinventing of Gothicreations.