Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tarotscopes August 9 - 15th

This weeks image is the Strength card from The Bohemian Gothic Tarot. The second edition is due to be released soon. Bohemian Gothic Tarot.

Aries - 3 of Pentacles
You will be working hard this week on some project that is going to need to approval of another person in order for it to be fully finished.

Taurus - Queen of Cups + Lovers
The cards decided to stick together so you got two this week. You are going to just be following your heart and your intuition this week. The heart wants what it wants kind of thing going on.

Gemini - King of Swords
You will be using your own logical mind to make decisions and go forward with your ideas. Lot of talking to about why you are going to be doing things a certian way.

Cancer - 10 of Pentacles
Finally you are going to feel secure and on top of your financial life this week. Although, if you have kids don't be surprised if hey ask you for some additional money or a small loan this week.

Leo - 4 of swords (reversed)
If you have been feeling a bit under the weather or just plain tired you will now start to feel more active this week.

Virgo - Queen of Cups
You will be dealing with matters of the heart this week. If not your own then other will be coming to you for wise heartfelt motherly advice.

Libra - King Of Swords
Fair and balanced Libra will once again feel like the peace keeper in the group this week. Remember you can be a leader so don't let them walk all over you.

Scorpio - 4 of Wands
Surprisingly, you are going to feel very content, at peace and secure at home this week.

Sagittarius - Queen of Swords (reversed)
Beware of gossips and gossipy news. The info you get may not actually be true and so it's best to avoid getting involved and that includes telling gossipy news as well.

Capricorn - The Magician (reversed)
You are going to feel a bit lost and like you don't know everything you need to know this week. Stay calm and just keep swimming because sooner or later you will get what you need.

Aquarius - 8 of cups (reversed)
You no longer feel the need to look outside yourself and your circle for happiness. You already know you have it right there in front of you.

Pisces - The Chariot (reversed)
You are going to feel stuck and like your emotions have taken a roller coaster ride with you. Stay clearly focused on what it is you want. Also, this card on it's most simple form relates directly to travel and cars; in the reverse it can signal that your car has some sort of trouble or your trip hits some unexpected bumps in the road.

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