Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tarotscopes August 2 - 8

Aries - Magician
Oddly enough the Magician card is assigned to the sign of Aries. This week you can make your own magic and your own way. You know it too.

Taurus - 4 of swords
It is time for some mental relaxation and well maybe you should also focus on just staying out of "things" this week. Regroup and let those worries go this week.

Gemini - 9 of swords rx
You will realize that all your worries and fears can be easily managed this week. Just breathe and let go of the anxiety.

Cancer - King of Pentacles (reversed)
Once again you seem to have another week where you may be pushing yourself too hard and this time in the area of work. Keep in mind that time at home and with friend is important too.

Leo - The Hermit
Take some time to get away from it all. Ideally go do something in a quiet peaceful nature type setting but lacking that just spend some quiet time alone this week.

Virgo - The Tower (reversed)
Haven't you heard this tune before? That's what this week will feel like same tune just a different day. The tower is all about the unexpected but in this case you may just be expecting it. The tower is often seen as a "bad" card because it is about destruction but not all destruction is bad. New things can emerge from a change in thoughts and ideals.

Libra - 2 of wands (reversed)
You may end up going back to the drawing board this week; something is going to feel like 2 steps forward and one step back.

Scorpio - Judgment
Judgment is often assigned to the sign of Scorpio. You are finally going to hear what it is you have been waiting to hear or realize. From this you are going to start seeing things in a new light

Sagittarius - 7 of Swords
You are going to be sneaking off somewhere this week. Playing a little hooky from work perhaps in order to get a three day weekend.

Capricorn - The Empress (reversed)
Things may feel pretty stagnant this week for you and this may cause some strife in your personal life. This card is often associated with mom and....mother in laws. shall I say more. if mama aint happy no one is happy.

Aquarius - The Hierophant (reversed)
Like always those of us under this sign will be going along to the beat of our own drummer. That's the way we like it! Hierophant is all about tradition but reversed tradition and society type norms fly out the window for more novel and outside of the box thinking.

Pisces - Knight of Pentacles
You may get an offer to make a bit of extra income this week. if you have been looking for work you may in fact start going in a more positive direction on that this week.

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