Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tarotscopes August 16 - 22nd

This weeks image is from the Hubble telescope.
If you lived in the Northern Hemisphere and had clear skies this weekend did you get a chance to see the meteor shower? I tried and only saw a few because of fog one night and then just plain old light pollution.

Aries - 10 of Swords
You will finally be ending somethings this week but whatever it is you are ready to end it and go on to something new.

Taurus - 4 of swords
Looks like you will have a quiet week ahead of you. You may even just feel tired because of everything you do. Enjoy a well earned nap.

Gemini - 9 of Pentacles
You will finally be feeling a little more secure financially this week. Hopefully, this means most of your bills have been paid for the month.

Cancer - 2 of Wands (reversed)
Looks like you are headed back to square one this week on some projects because things just haven't panned out as you had hoped.

Leo - Queen of Swords
Opinions...everyone has got one and it looks like someone is going to want to tell you their opinion. This person really just wants to be heard and nothing more.

Virgo - 5 of Pentacles (reversed)
You are going to feel more optimistic about your lot in life and even your health. Things are not as bad as you once thought they were.

Libra - 7 of Wands
You will be on the defensive this week trying your best to defend a project or something you hold close to your heart. Just make sure you are fighting for something worth fighting for.

Scorpio - 6 of Swords
Now is the time to consider a quick vacation or day out. You need a break from the routine and the best cure is to just get away from it all

Sagittarius - Page of Wands (reversed)
Looks like that news you have been anxiously awaiting for is not going to come as quick as you would like it. There may even be email toubles this week.

Capricorn - 9 of Wands
You are actually at the finish line of something you have been working hard to get but you just don't realize it yet. Don't give up keep going.

Aquarius - The Hermit
Looks like there will be lots of quiet alone time in the week ahead but just make sure you are not locking yourself away from others and spending too much time alone.

Pisces - 8 of Cups
You are going to begin thinking about what it is you really want in life and probably even considering leaving things behind in order to get what you want.

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