Monday, July 26, 2010

Tarotscopes July 26-August 1

I normally get these done earlier but I crashed out to sleep last night super early.
My unique blend of tarot meets horoscopes.

Aries - 10 of Pentacles
You should finally be able to sit back and enjoy the harvest of all your hard work this week. Take some time a just see how much you have gotten done

Taurus - 8 of Pentacles
You are going to be working hard this week possibly on some new creative and artistic endeavors. Just remember to keep trying even when it isn't working as well that first time.

Gemini - 8 of cups (reversed)
You will find yourself returning to things that once brought you joy; this can be creative ventures, activities, and even people.

Cancer - Ace of wands (reversed)
Looks like you may just run out of energy this week because you have been just going full force with activity recently/

Leo - 10 of cups
You will be spending some time with friends and family this week; BBQ or celebration of some sort. this is a great time to just enjoy being around those you love.

Virgo - The Empress
A time for growing and nurturing and gardening. get out there and clean up those neglected flower beds and it's not too late to plant a small planter with some fresh herbs. For you apartment dwellers get a flower basket.

Libra - 9 of swords
Looks like you may have a lot of your mind this week. Do your best to just let those worries go so you can get sleep.

Scorpio - Knight Of Cups
You got some romance coming your way and I think you may be the active go getter and be pursuing someone instead of the other way around.

Sagittarius - 6 of swords (reversed)
You will be feeling a bit aimless this week. Your thoughts are just sort of going to be going over the same old paths. Do you best to think outside the box.

Capricorn - Queen of cups (reversed)
Don't let the emotions of other people make you go all off course. Also, take time to listen because that may just be what the people in you life need right now.

Aquarius - The Emperor
This is the week to feel in control, on top of things and like you can conquer the world. Start something new and challenging; you may find that your determination will actually get it done this time.

Pisces - Ace of Cups
You are going to fall in love with something new this week. Could be a person or a creative task. You are just going to be head over heels in love like this was meant to be.

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