Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tarotscopes July 19-25

My unique blend of tarot meets horoscopes.

Aries - 7 of Pentacles
As hard as it is for you to wait; you are just going to have to be patient this week in your financial dealings

Taurus - The Devil (reversed)
This week may have you rethinking and getting rid of some of the things you once thought you NEEDED.

Gemini - The Hanged Man
You may be spending some time reflecting on things this week just don't over think or you may find yourself getting stuck

Cancer - 9 of cups
You can make your deepest heartfelt wishes this week and perhaps they will come true in the coming months. so think of what it is you really want.

Leo - 9 of swords (reversed)
You will finally be getting some sleep this week because those bad dreams and anxieties that have been waking you are on their way out.

Virgo - Knight of Cups
You are going to feel cherished this week when someone finally notices all the work you really do.

Libra - The Empress
You may end up spending time nurturing yourself and others this week....either that or your mother is going to call you which may or may not be a good thing.

Scorpio - Ace of Pentacles
Last week you came up with a new idea and this week you are going to finally start on building that new idea into reality.

Sagittarius - 4 of wands
You may end up doing all the housework and home repairs you have been putting off for some time this week. if you have none planned or can't because you rent try to make your space your own.

Capricorn - 5 of wands
Some competition will have you on your toes and in a fighting mood this week; don't worry you can take em.

Aquarius - 3 of swords
Looks like you will be feeling a bit blue and down in the dumps at some point this week but you can help mentally cheer up by remembering that you are surrounded by people and pets that care about you.

Pisces - 9 of Pentacles
You are going to be spending some nice free time all alone this week; think of it as a retreat from caring about what other people think of you.


Moonangelnay said...

tarotscopes... like the name :) so mine is the empress today.

Stephanie said...

ohhh.. but i don't WANT to be patient in my financial dealings :(