Monday, July 26, 2010

30 Day Shred - or am I insane?

I am taking the challenge to do Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred work out. If you haven't heard of it, which there are people who haven't, it consists of 3 levels of circuit training workout. Each are about 20 minutes in length. You do 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio, and 1 minute abs and then repeat. I've attempted this before but I figured if I publicly stated I was going to do this then maybe it would work out better for me and I wouldn't stop on day 5.
Some people do the program for 30 days straight 10 days for each level. I plan on doing it a bit differently; moving up in levels as I feel ready to. Hopefully every 10-14 days or so. I plan on taking a day or so off each week to rest. Plus I plan on continuing my daily 2 to 3 mile walks.
Monday was day one and I took both measurements and pictures. Nope, I am not posting them for you. I'm not brave to post my not so good looking wearing next to nothing pictures online. I might post some type of before and after pics, the pounds and the measurements of how many inches I lost. I don't have any sort of expectation and I just want to get healthier and look more toned.
Wish me luck and I hope I don't die. lol
I will keep you all updated weekly as I go.

Tarotscopes July 26-August 1

I normally get these done earlier but I crashed out to sleep last night super early.
My unique blend of tarot meets horoscopes.

Aries - 10 of Pentacles
You should finally be able to sit back and enjoy the harvest of all your hard work this week. Take some time a just see how much you have gotten done

Taurus - 8 of Pentacles
You are going to be working hard this week possibly on some new creative and artistic endeavors. Just remember to keep trying even when it isn't working as well that first time.

Gemini - 8 of cups (reversed)
You will find yourself returning to things that once brought you joy; this can be creative ventures, activities, and even people.

Cancer - Ace of wands (reversed)
Looks like you may just run out of energy this week because you have been just going full force with activity recently/

Leo - 10 of cups
You will be spending some time with friends and family this week; BBQ or celebration of some sort. this is a great time to just enjoy being around those you love.

Virgo - The Empress
A time for growing and nurturing and gardening. get out there and clean up those neglected flower beds and it's not too late to plant a small planter with some fresh herbs. For you apartment dwellers get a flower basket.

Libra - 9 of swords
Looks like you may have a lot of your mind this week. Do your best to just let those worries go so you can get sleep.

Scorpio - Knight Of Cups
You got some romance coming your way and I think you may be the active go getter and be pursuing someone instead of the other way around.

Sagittarius - 6 of swords (reversed)
You will be feeling a bit aimless this week. Your thoughts are just sort of going to be going over the same old paths. Do you best to think outside the box.

Capricorn - Queen of cups (reversed)
Don't let the emotions of other people make you go all off course. Also, take time to listen because that may just be what the people in you life need right now.

Aquarius - The Emperor
This is the week to feel in control, on top of things and like you can conquer the world. Start something new and challenging; you may find that your determination will actually get it done this time.

Pisces - Ace of Cups
You are going to fall in love with something new this week. Could be a person or a creative task. You are just going to be head over heels in love like this was meant to be.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tarotscopes July 19-25

My unique blend of tarot meets horoscopes.

Aries - 7 of Pentacles
As hard as it is for you to wait; you are just going to have to be patient this week in your financial dealings

Taurus - The Devil (reversed)
This week may have you rethinking and getting rid of some of the things you once thought you NEEDED.

Gemini - The Hanged Man
You may be spending some time reflecting on things this week just don't over think or you may find yourself getting stuck

Cancer - 9 of cups
You can make your deepest heartfelt wishes this week and perhaps they will come true in the coming months. so think of what it is you really want.

Leo - 9 of swords (reversed)
You will finally be getting some sleep this week because those bad dreams and anxieties that have been waking you are on their way out.

Virgo - Knight of Cups
You are going to feel cherished this week when someone finally notices all the work you really do.

Libra - The Empress
You may end up spending time nurturing yourself and others this week....either that or your mother is going to call you which may or may not be a good thing.

Scorpio - Ace of Pentacles
Last week you came up with a new idea and this week you are going to finally start on building that new idea into reality.

Sagittarius - 4 of wands
You may end up doing all the housework and home repairs you have been putting off for some time this week. if you have none planned or can't because you rent try to make your space your own.

Capricorn - 5 of wands
Some competition will have you on your toes and in a fighting mood this week; don't worry you can take em.

Aquarius - 3 of swords
Looks like you will be feeling a bit blue and down in the dumps at some point this week but you can help mentally cheer up by remembering that you are surrounded by people and pets that care about you.

Pisces - 9 of Pentacles
You are going to be spending some nice free time all alone this week; think of it as a retreat from caring about what other people think of you.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tarotscopes July 12-18

Tarotscopes are back. It is Tarot meets Horoscopes. I pull a single card for each of the signs and figure out a general reading for the week ahead. It just for fun.

Aries - King of Swords
You will be using you keen mind and fairness in your dealings to get ahead this week.

Taurus - The Tower
troubled waters ahead this week for you but hiding from it wont help. so get out there and deal with things head on.

Gemini - The Hierophant
Take time to share your knowledge with others this week because you will both end up learning a thing or two

Cancer - 9 of wands + The Star
Cancer you got a jumper card this week the star. You may be feeling backed into a corner and just worn out by everything you have been dealing with. Have faith that things can and will get better. Chin up.

Leo - 8 of swords (reversed)
a card that is much better reversed. You will lose those fears and doubts this week and will finally feel like you can move ahead with your plans.

Virgo - Death
You will be going through some changes and transformations this week. try to embrace the new and not weep over the old.

Libra - 10 of Pentacles
You are going to be feeling very secure like you are on top of the world financially.

Scorpio - Ace of Swords
Look like you are going to be coming up with great new plans and will want to tell just about anyone who will listen about it.

Sagittarius - 9 of pentacles
You may find yourself enjoy the peaceful outdoors on your own some time this week.

Capricorn - Knight of Cups
looks like you may be getting a romantic offer this week from someone who could charm your socks off.

Aquarius - 7 of Pentacles
looks like there is more waiting in the week ahead. Your efforts haven't gone to waste because good things come to those that wait.

Pisces - Queen of Swords
You are going to make some bold decisions this week just be careful not to speak too harshly when you face those that may oppose you.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pleated Wristlets

Summer is all about travel or it should be. One of the things with travel is the need to still carry some money, a drivers license, and a few other odds and ends but who wants to be slowed down by carrying a big over sized handbag or purse. These fun cotton wristlets are my answer. Made out of fun cotton prints and a simple pleated design. They measures about 7 1/2" by 5 1/2" and aside from my very first one they have 11" long loops so you can place you hand through the loop.Check out the current selection

Monday, July 5, 2010

Christmas in July

Okay so Christmas and July don't have much in common when you think of 90 degree weather.
I thought it would be good to offer a nice July deal for you until July 16th you can take advantage of free worldwide shipping in my etsy shop.
I have lots of new things including jewelry, messenger bags, and wristlets. I even have a messenger bag made using a burlap coffee bag! The blend of my love of making bags and my other love of coffee.
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