Sunday, April 11, 2010

Getting out and about

After days and days of dark grey skies, rain, cold winds, and hail storms; I woke up to a pretty somewhat sunny Sunday. I decided that I was just sick and tired and annoyed with being cooped up in the house. A walk in the park or through the neighborhood didn't seem adventurous enough. I decided to drive to the ocean and visit Grayland and Westport.

The first stop was in Grayland where I found my past favorite stretch of beach had eroded further this past winter. It's almost inaccessible now and in fact the road stops a good 200 yards from where it used to.

Then I continued on to Westport which had the best surprise. The tall ships; Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain were currently docked. In fact they later sailed out to have a mock battle on the ocean. No, I didn't go on the sail. It was a great chance to take photographs of both ships while docked and then I managed to get a picture of them sailing.
I even had lunch in Westport and if you are ever there I highly suggest the One Eyed Crab. it's across the street from the marina. It was a bit pricey but the portions are large so they could be split.

After lunch I visited the lighthouse. I didn't pay to climb the stairs but I did take some pics of the outside. Then I decided that that was enough for the day so I headed back home. I couldn't resist pulling over and taking a picture of some fence that I saw with all these buoys hanging on it.

What did this trip accomplish well it certainly brightened my mood which I hope will help me this week in being productive and getting things done. Just getting out in the fresh air was a huge benefit. I am hoping to get back to work in the studio and in the sewing room with some new energy.

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