Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My adventures in dying

No, I didn't die or see the light.
okay so as you may or may not remember I had this grand scheme to make my own Alive In Wonderland hoodie. I had to procure the main part of my project a new black hooded sweatshirt. Easy enough except all the stores are switching to spring summer clothes so the selection was limited. I would order online but I have been losing weight in recent month and so I don't know what size would fit best. So I did find some at a local store but no black ones. There was grey and I thought to myself it is a cotton poly blend I could dye this black and it will be fine.
flaw one: cotton poly blends dye lighter than the package so what I ended up with was a very dark green tinged blackish garment.
flaw two: I didn't know that thread was 100% poly so I had nice light grey stitching everywhere...not the accent I was going for
flaw three: I used a large bowl but not large enough to fully agitate the hooide so my dye was uneven even if it had worked out.

so this leaves me where you may ask. Well, I am still on the search for the perfect already made one and my project is on hold till I can find a great fitting black hoodie. Is it seriously too much to ask for a fully zipped front hoodie in size small in black. apparently it is.
although I am looking on ebay. I love it people are selling the hooded sweatshirts from hot topic on there for over a $100. looks like not to many buyers at that price. some people are buying them for $5 or more over the hot topic pricing.

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