Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's raining buttons!

It would be better if it were raining men and I could actually probably sell out of those. What can I do?
Make the best of my vintage button..err not really a collection more of a this would be cool to use not so bright idea taking them kind of thing.

The old lady that I used to live next to worked for one of the big fabric chains up here and she would take home the display cards when they were no longer needed. This was back in the day when stores would have these fancy displays for buttons. Anywoo...not really my point here. The point is I have tons of vintage buttons that I am listing in my still new supply shop. These are just so cool and they have never been used. I am selling some on the original store displays. Many of them I had to remove and put in lots based on color. Check out my supply shop Rainy Day Supplies on etsy and see the current offerings. I am just starting to get them listed and I have bunches.

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