Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cotton Print Handbags - a sneak peek

I figured before I even but out these bags why not give you a sneak peek at the great cottons prints that I have available. The plan is to make them all into simple and casual bags for under $30. You can see one of the first ones made using a modern bark-cloth that is completely inspired by the 1950's. On we go....

All With a Black Background
Yes, that is indeed sushi on the left. Black and white floral in the center, and a great colorful floral on the right.

Spring in Winter
Some colorful prints to liven on those dreary grey days of winter. I think the stripes will actually be used as lining for one of the floral and the cherry print.

What year is this?
More cotton bark-cloth inspired by the 1950's. I love this stuff but I haven't been able to find it anywhere and I bought this fabric over 3 years ago. It's doubtful i could find more.

For current selection of handbags and purses click here. These fabulous cotton ones will be added in the coming days/weeks.

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Clare said...

that fabric is fantastic!