Sunday, July 19, 2009

It is in the cards

So one of my interests several years ago was reading tarot cards. I admit at that younger age I didn't really dedicate myself. I was 17 or so when I got my first deck. I think by the time I was 19 I had pretty much abandoned it. So here we are about 10 years later. I find myself back in line with the cards. I'm not sure what triggered my return; perhaps a better understanding of myself and my place in this world. who knows...
So for my birthday my sister surprised me by getting me a deck. It surprised me because for several years she kind of would knock anything that wasn't in line with the teachings of her church. Anyway, she gave me this deck which I think i might sell on ebay because try as I might I just can't seem to connect with it.
So I have three decks that I use most of the time: the very first deck I bought which is the Londa deck, Kat Black's Golden deck, and Deviant Moon. I just got Deviant Moon this last week. As surreal as the Deviant Moon deck is I really enjoy reading with it.
I've been taking a class at my local community college which has been great. if anything just to get out more. I've been reading for family and friends. Plus I've been doing some readings online for people. It has been just so much fun to get back into.

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soulflower said...

I have a few decks too! But the ryder waite deck is the one i seem to connect with the most. Thats cool that your doing readings...i once did a stint on the telephone but had to stop... i felt guilty about reading cards for like 7.99 a minute.