Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm an artist not a mess maker!

Over a week ago this thread was started in the etsy forums. "I'm an ARTIST not a mess maker!" This got me thinking about my own crafting area. I am an artist and mess maker! Don't let the boxes and storage things confuse you. They are there just to hide the jumbles of "things" and to make it look like I know where stuff is. About once or twice a year I get sick of it and clean and organize. Of course, after I do that I can't find anything.
Somehow I do manage to make things and get things done. You can check out my art in my etsy store by Clicking here. Get free worldwide shipping on your order from now until 10:00pm PST on June 10th. Just mention "mess maker" in notes to seller. I can either refund the shipping or send you a paypal invoice.

1 comment:

trudette, said...

LOL , sometimes you have to make a mess to create , I reckon :)