Sunday, January 11, 2009

Outlook 2009

hmm, I could make some hallow promise to do more blog posts but I wont. I would like to make more posting but let's face it I am not the most on top of things person out there. Right at this moment in time I am actually trying to reorganize and clean out my studio. I have some much stuff to sell. Both in product and supplies. Plus I have tons of magazines and books that i have to go through. I honestly don't need all this "stuff". Then once you get out of the studio; I have all the other "stuff" in my closet and bookshelves. I am in a major decluttering mode here.
So far, I have managed to list some ebay auction on already finished jewelry. These are older designs from when I attended retail markets. I have a little bit of everything on ebay right now Plus some designs in my etsy store. Check all that out.

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