Thursday, July 31, 2008

Strawberries are out of season....

I have a new fulltime job. i have been working at a local fruit stand for two weeks now. Its actually hard work. A surprising number of people come in an seem surprised not to find strawberries. They are a seasonal fruit people. We got about 18 days of picking out of the field and then that was it. I guess everyone is used to having food of all kinds in the market. We only sell what is fresh and grown locally.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Purse Sale

I am having a purse sale in my etsy store. I want to be able to work on some new designs. I like to cut down on some of my older designs. These are all new and unused. Most are 50% or more off their regular sales price.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Newly listed on etsy

I am feeling much better today. Nothing like a good nights sleep and a morning walk with you dog to make you feel better.
I listed some new earring in my etsy store. They are a really simple set with tiny sterling silver celtic knots and garnet beads. Click HERE to visit my etsy store.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Why oh why.....

I'm in for a bit of whining today. Perhaps I would like some cheese with it.....
everything has been in shambles lately. I've been looking for regular work and had been hoping to find something in my field which is interior design. It has been super tough. many weeks ago I did a resume on one of those job sites thinking nothing of it. I got an interview last week. I was hopeful......until I learned more about the job and the pay. the job while related to design really wasn't what i was looking for and the pay well....many jobs pay more easily more. In the end I had to turn it down because it would have paid for my gas to get there and maybe $40-$50 a day (after taxes) for 8-9 hours of work. I am still on the searching mode for a job closer to home and more of what I want. I feel like that isn't going to happen so I've been applying elsewhere not in my field in hopes of getting something even part time work. I'm going back to sewing fancy dog collars for sighthounds for my friend's business. It will be a little bit of income. This wasn't to get you to buy anything from my etsy store or website. it's more of a venting thing so i don't end up crying myself to sleep tonight.
Check out these neat glass cabochon I made using leftover glass from my lampworking.